Part of the introduction of chip cement tank Chip cement tank is generally used in the storage of bulk cement concrete mixing station, cement tank is a closed tank storage of bulk material, suitable for storing grain, cement, fly ash and other bulk materials. Level system fitted on the tank, the material can show the location and how many holes can lift solid material deposition means for too long caused. Cement silo and screw pump with the use of the material can be transported to w11s-60×3000 rolling machine various locations, to facilitate installation of the tank, safe and reliable mixing station is ideal for all kinds of bulk storage tanks. The composition has a cement tank: Steel cage body part, ladder, fence, feeding tube, filter, pressure relief valve, high and low level gauge, discharge valve. Chip cement tank top with electric dust removal device, which can effectively absorb the body positions of suspended particles, reducing pollution on the surrounding environment. Chip cement tank fitted under the tapered pneumatic bending machine portion broken arch blowing means using air control box is located in a small electromagnetic valve controlled release of compressed air and a variety of cement powder broken arch, avoid powder accumulation, causing blockage. Hoppers height warehouse storage device can perceive the body material. On the bulk cement silo cleaning method Bulk cement silo after use be sure to do cleaning products, in order to guarantee the normal use, but also greatly extend its life in this small series to your specific presentation. Bulk cement silo cleaning staff required to wear uniforms, steel scroll bending machine work shoes, work gloves, wearing gas masks. But also to bring the signal rope and seat belts, hand care outside of the tank, into the pot time not too long, usually 15 ~ 20min is appropriate, homework shift. In addition, the site should have medical staff on duty. Open the cement silo into the hole, layered quality inspection warehouse at the end to determine the dirt exclusion and treatment program. Whenever possible, use a broom or a wooden tool application. Do not use iron and steel tools. Bulk cement silo cleaning required in accordance with the procedures required, strictly follow the safety cleaning procedures, the degree of cleaning cartridge reaches the highest level.