I did get a picture of Muggles.

But thats it, really. ;u;

I have a test / quiz thing-y tomorrow.

On the provinces and territories.


I am so sick of learning about them weve been doing it nearly every year since like first grade.

Anyway, we took Muggles and Belle to the dog park yesterday and today. Today we met this little black lab puppy, whose name was Ruby.

She was so cute asdfghjkl ;u;

She came up to me and put her paws on my legs. She wanted me to pet her, and I did and just sgdhfgjlhjlshs /dies from her cuteness

She was so quiet and Belle and Muggles got along really well with her, too.

We had Belles ball, and Ruby picked it up every so often, and if you asked her for it or put your hand under her mouth shed give it to you just like that. ;u;

Id love to have a dog like that. X33

Well, I have to go.

I guess I did find something to write xDD

Bye guys~